Our “Preschool” Day in Pictures

What do we do all day? Here are ten collages (using PhotoGrid) of us going through a “typical preschool day”. (Is there really such thing, especially if it’s homeschool preschool?) Anyway, ENJOY!











These are some of the activities we do, but not necessarily in this order. We don’t have a set preschool schedule. We just do things pretty much when MJ wants to, but going off of ER’s schedule that day (whatever she decides) and how I’m feeling that day. As you can probably tell, I was very lazy this day.

Sometimes we do more “hands-on”, “dirty” activities like play dough, painting, and playing outside. Sometimes we go visit the grandparents and great grandparents and skip preschool like we did the day after this day. Well, we really didn’t skip preschool. That’s the beauty of “homeschooling”, you can continue to make learning experiences out of anything. The learning never stops.

What is your preschool day or your day with you young ones look like?

***Schedule for posts***

I apologize but for now I’m going to be on a three week rotation for my posts until I can get more efficient with my writing and some sort of schedule. My goal is to post a piece in each of my interest areas once a week which that means I’ll be writing three pieces a week. (Yikes it takes me a week to write one piece 😳)

next week (5/22): health post

5/29: creativity post

6/5: education post

6/12: health post


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