TWT (This Week’s Thought): To pump or not to pump?

I have been wrestling 🤼 with this question for several months now. Would it be better if I just pumped and gave ER the bottle 🍼? Well let’s see how it’ll benefit our little family.

  1. Daddy (and other people) can feed her, allowing for daddy and ER bonding time 👨🏻👶🏻and freeing me up to spend time with MJ 👩🏻👧🏻 or get some housework done 👩🏻‍💻📺🛌 (like my version of housework? 😂).
  2. She could hold the bottle and maybe get practice to hold a cup.
  3. I can see how much she’s drinking and maybe (just maybe) she’ll have longer stretches of sleep 😴 (but really meaning I’ll get longer stretches of sleep).
  4. Matt and I can have “date nights” just the two of us.
  5. MJ can have only child outings with just the three of us.
  6. I won’t have a baby stuck to me every 2-3 hours.
  7. I won’t get hit every time I nurse her in bed while trying to sleep.

Um yeah. I think that’s it. Now how it might not benefit us.

  1. We’ll have MORE dishes to wash because we’ll have pump parts and bottles to wash along with our regular dishes.
  2. I’ll have to find time to pump in our already crazy days. Plus I’ll have to get up at least once a night to pump. Plus I’ll probably have to pump if we go out.
  3. If we do end up having date nights or MJ and us time, we’ll miss ER.
  4. She might not even sleep longer stretches.

Hmmm… there seems to be a couple more benefits than non benefit. But are those benefits actually worth it to us? Maybe just the bonding ones (oh yeah, and the sleep). But is that a good enough reason for me to start pumping and giving ER the bottle 🍼?

I’m sorry (not sorry), but I don’t think so. Maybe I’m just selfish but I’d rather just nurse her and skip having to pump and wash bottles because really pumping and dishwashing will be taking up much more of my time than me just nursing her. Daddy and baby bonding can happen at other times too, like he could read to or play with her when she’s not nursing.

I do miss being able to sleep for about six to eight  hours straight. But I keep telling myself, it won’t be like this forever. Soon enough they’ll be grown up and independent, not wanting anything to do with their mommy. So I’m cherishing (or at least trying to cherish) every moment I have to lay sleepless with my baby attached to me.


2 thoughts on “TWT (This Week’s Thought): To pump or not to pump?

  1. Hey Momma,
    Just a thought/question from one SAHM to another… does it have to be all or nothing? I have a hand express pump that I use regularly to keep a few bags of frozen milk in the freezer so I can leave Wes for longer periods with Jay or another babysitter. For the most part I nurse him but I love having bags of milk in the freezer so I can get out a little if I want or need to. I did the same with Cora, too. The hand express pump is also nice to have if I get a little too full (helps to avoid mastitis!!). Whatever you choose, you do you and what makes sense/works for your family!! Just thought I’d share my experience! Can’t wait to get our kids together someday soon!! I need a little island time!


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