TWT (This Week’s Thought): Baby sleep schedule with a toddler

To those of you who have or had a toddler and a baby,

Does your baby get a lot of sleep? Like as much sleep as your toddler did when he/she was a baby?

I feel like MJ got good naps during the day and slept pretty well at night. But poor ER is getting horrible sleep during her day naps, with her big sister waking her up (sometimes on purpose sometimes not). And I think that’s what’s causing her to get up every two to three hours at night. Also, it probably doesn’t help that she’s probably used to me nursing her to sleep all the time and she’s been sleeping with me pretty much all her life; therefore she’ll end up waking up shortly after I get out of the bed.

Sigh… I just want her to get good stretches of “uninterrupted” sleep. (Yes, so I can rest too.)


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