The Goodness of Green(zymes) for our family

Disclaimer: I am a Nikken independent consultant. This is for informational purposes only and not medical advice. The author is not liable for any losses or damages related to actions or failure to act related to this article. As always, consult a doctor before starting any new nutritional supplements. Also, I was not asked to write this. And I’m not trying to market or sell Nikken Kenzen® Jade Greenzymes®. My health blog posts are what my family and I are doing or want to try and how it has helped (or not helped) my family. This is my own doing and thoughts. No one is paying me for this and I didn’t receive Jade Greenzymes® for free to try.

I’ve never been one to drink a green drink (well besides green tea). You know those grass drinks from Jamba Juice. Yeah. I would never try it. So then why would I want to drink Nikken’s Kenzen® Jade Greenzymes® everyday?

What is Jade Greenzymes and Why do we take Jade Greenzymes®?

Greenzymes (which is what we call Jade Greenzymes®) to us is really our (or at least the girls and my) veggies, vitamins, and go to for when we don’t feel well.

I’ve been trying (for the past couple of days) to get general information about green barley grass powder for this entry. I did a Google search for it and up popped so many other companies that have a green barley grass powder product all stating pretty much the same benefits. (I have still yet to find a good source to give me information on green barley grass powder that’s not a blog or a company’s website.) So why choose Nikken’s Kenzen® Jade Greenzymes®?

Well, I guess it’s because my parents said it’s the best. (Hey, I’m just being honest.) But if I stop and think about it, my parents have been with Nikken for a very long time. We (my parents, younger brother, and I) have been using their products for many years. When I think about it, we have not had a negative experience with any of them (or at least not to my knowledge we haven’t). We haven’t had any adverse reactions or had to see a doctor because the products hurt us. Nikken’s products have helped us and I guess because of that I trust the products they produce; I don’t second guess using them.

Ok, back to what this is. Jade Greenzymes® is barley grass juice that’s been made into a powder and then blended with Nikken’s Proprietary Blend of organic ingredients. Here is the product description for the Jade Greenzymes® from my website.

“Called “nature’s perfect food,” barley grass is said to have more nutrition than an equal serving of any other vegetable. The barley grass in organic Jade GreenZymes® is beneficial in helping balance pH, supporting a strong immune system, and assisting in maintaining blood glucose levels that are already in the normal range.” (Jade GreenZymes®, 2017)

After reading this product description, wouldn’t you want to try it to help you get the best nutrition for your health? Here are the Facts about Jade Greenzymes®. (from my website, you check out the Brochure and QRF pdfs for more information on Jade Greenzymes®)

  1. Barley grass juice has been described as a complete salad in a glass. Jade GreenZymes® is more than barley grass; it offers a balanced blend of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Jade GreenZymes includes the Nikken Proprietary Blend of organic acacia fiber and organic pearl barley seed extract, to provide additional enzymes and water-soluble fiber.
  2. This all-natural, healthy organic material is carefully harvested, using traditional methods. The result is the principal ingredient in Jade GreenZymes®.
  3. Jade GreenZymes® is fresh. Some barley grass powders advertise a long shelf life — which means that preservative agents are used in their manufacture. Jade GreenZymes® has the clean taste and full balance of enzymes provided by organically-sourced green barley grass, packaged at the peak of freshness. Occasional slight variations in color, taste, consistency or solubility are the result of varying chlorophyll content between different harvests and reflect the authentic character of the ingredients.
  4. Enzymes are necessary to a number of body functions. Enzymes oxidize fatty acids. They aid in ridding the body of waste and in maintaining healthy bones and tissues. Jade GreenZymes® is carefully cold-processed (where the barley grass is washed, juiced by a press, then spray-dried to a powder) to retain the natural enzyme activity.* (*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)
  5. Jade GreenZymes® can be consumed by anyone — even young children (MJ has had some with her milk since about 6 or 7 months and ER just started having some and she’s 7 months) — at any time.
  6. In powder form, Jade GreenZymes® can be mixed with any cold beverage or food. The convenient, all-vegetable capsules also deliver a concentrated serving of these nutrients.
  7. Jade GreenZymes® is the inspiration of a Japanese medical scientist, Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara. (He wrote a book on barley grass that I just found online that I’m really interested in reading, “Green Barley Essence: The Ideal Fast Food”). Dr. Hagiwara devoted his life’s work to finding a natural substance that would promote health — with ingredients that support the body’s nutritional needs. (Jade GreenZymes®, 2017)

You know, it’s sometimes hard to get our daily serving of veggies at every meal. We live very busy lives and sometimes it’s just easier to go through the drive through at a fast food restaurant and eat on the run. (Well for me it is.)

Knowing that there is a way that we can get our daily serving of veggies in a nutritional supplement that is USDA Organic, certified by QAI (Quality Assurance International), Kosher and vegan certified (with the exception of the capsule. Yes you can get your daily serving of greens in a capsule!), and Gluten-free, along with many health benefits, is really good for us. I know that we will get our daily serving (or at least some of our daily serving) of veggies with Greenzymes and this puts my mind at ease because I don’t have to worry about making sure we have veggies in every meal (although I do try to make sure we have a vegetable or two with our meals).

How are we using Jade Greenzymes®?

When Greenzymes first came out, I wasn’t taking it everyday. I think I would only take a serving after weighing in for wrestling tournaments to help get nutrients into my body after cutting weight. I would mix it with orange juice (or any kind of juice) because I couldn’t handle the taste and would cringe with every sip. (Hey it’s green and it tastes green.) My brother on the other hand would pour the powder straight into his mouth and be done with it in one sip. (Ewe 😖 I thought. Don’t worry, I think I have a purpose for adding this in.)

When I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter, MJ, I decided I needed to be consistent with taking my vitamins and nutritional supplements (which included Greenzymes and other Nikken products) so that she could have the best start to life. So I started taking Greenzymes daily. Since then, I’ve been pretty good at taking it daily which was great because we found out we were expecting ER, daughter number two, and I was glad that I could give her a good start to life.

Nowadays, I (and MJ, who is three now) have a serving of Greenzymes every morning. I usually I put a teaspoon of the powder in my mouth and drink it down with the Nikken’s PiWater and Nikkens Kenzen Ciaga, like my brother did those many years ago, and it’s not that bad 😋. (See, I knew I had a purpose for adding that in the beginning.) I think we’re suppose to have three servings a day; however I’m not real good about remembering to take it with lunch or dinner. That’s one thing I hope to get better at now that I’m home (or I should say a stay at home wife and mommy).

Getting our serving of Greenzymes ready for breakfast. Looks like we’re almost out of Greenzymes, better make sure I have some in stock.

How is Jade Greenzymes® working for us?

At first “consistent” use I can’t really tell a difference, to be honest, because I don’t really remember how I felt before Greenzymes came into my life (my parents have been with Nikken for forever, at least since I was in intermediate school… which is a long time ago). But I must say, I feel more ready for the day when I take it and feel sluggish if I don’t. Perhaps it’s because I did everything in my morning routine and feel like I’ve accomplished something (well just my tasks for the morning) or maybe it’s just all in my head. Whatever the case, it seems to be helping me get a good start to my day.

And I don’t recall how many times I’ve gotten sick before I started taking Greenzymes so I can’t tell you if I get sick less now that I’m taking it. I vaguely remember having to take the yucky cough medicine and pink bubble gum flavor medicine I think in elementary school that seemed quite often. But I don’t remember having to take it in intermediate or after. I would get sick and get over the counter medicines and cough drops. I guess now that I’m regularly taking Greenzymes I don’t depend on those medicines. I would treat my colds by doubling up on the Greenzymes serving and drinking hot tea with lemon and honey.

As for MJ, I can’t really tell if it’s helping her because she’s been taking it since she was in utero. The same goes for ER. MJ has had several colds in her three years of life so far, but I don’t think they got real bad. Just runny nose, cough, and congestion. We wouldn’t give her any medication (because I’m terrified of overdosing her), but I would give her Greenzymes and lactoferrin (another Nikken nutritional supplement). I think the only time she’s had any medication was around New Year’s during a bout with the flu or cold.

She had a fever that went up and down (99-103 degrees), a horrible sounding cough that made her throat sore, and stuffy nose for about five days. She wasn’t her active self, hardly ate, and had trouble sleeping at night and naps. (She would actually sleep sitting up in bed!). I think we tried to give her Greenzymes and lactoferrin but I think she refused it because she felt so crummy. We took her to the doctors the third day and they gave her her very first dose of Children’s Tylenol. She had a good nap afterwards. The next day, she was still pretty much the same, but as I’m looking at my notes (Yes, I try to log down every time my children get sick and what is happening so I can let the doctor know if need be.) I don’t think we gave her any medicine or Greenzymes. Anyway, on the fifth day, she finally took some Greenzymes and lactoferrin and ate pretty good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And I guess her flu or cold went away after that because my notes are empty.

ER’s first cold lasted for about a day or two. She had gotten a stuffy nose the day before New Year’s Eve (just before MJ got her flu or cold described above). That night her breathing sounded really bad, all congested (I couldn’t sleep). We were lucky to get a doctor appointment the next day (New Year’s Eve) where they checked her and she only had that one symptom. She actually sounded and looked way better when she work up that morning. I believe I doubled up on the Greenzymes and lactoferrin so that she could get them when I nursed her, sat her in the bathroom with a steamy bath running (she wasn’t in the steamy water of course), and had Nikken’s Air Wellness running on full blast. Anyway, the doctor gave us a prescription for a nebulizer just incase she got worse during the New Year’s Eve festivities. That night I continued to take the Greenzymes and lactoferrin, sit her in the bathroom with a steamy bath, run the air wellness on full blast, and of course pray. I was worried it was going to be a long night staying up with ER and was mentally preparing myself to wear her in the Ergo baby carrier all night. But, to my amazement, she slept well that night! No stuffy nose or congested sounding breathing. We never used the nebulizer (on New Year’s Eve or after) because she didn’t get worse! Thank you, Jesus! All praise God! (I don’t know why I remember this very well. I didn’t even have notes on this.)

I was the last to get sick during this round of the flu or cold and I think I had it the worst (okay maybe not the worst but the longest). It eventually gave me an ear infection. (I was worried that the girls would get one too but thankfully they didn’t). I did take Tylenol for the pain the fever was causing me (was trying not to take it but I couldn’t handle, I’m a big baby.) along with Greenzymes, the other Nikken nutritional supplements, and drinking hot tea with honey. I also just let the ear infection run its course, grateful that it got better on its own. Oh wait, I forgot I also took some Sudafed PE but only a couple of doses. Actually had the girls’ pediatrician peep in my ear during ER’s 4 month check up and he suggested I take Sudafed to help clear out the liquid in my ear.

The girls got sick again about a month and a half later, but I don’t think it was bad because I don’t have any notes (just dates they started getting sick). For MJ I most likely gave her Greenzymes and lactoferrin and for ER I doubled up on the Greenzymes and lactoferrin so she could get her “dose” when she nursed.

Well, after recalling our latests “sicknesses”, I guess the Jade Greenzymes® are working well for our family. We haven’t had to take any medications (or take much of it) during our flus or colds. We just take Greenzymes with the other Nikken nutritional supplements and use the other products and they’ve been helping us get over whatever sicknesses we have.

We are going to continue to take our serving of Jade Greenzymes® in the mornings. I am hoping to add into our lunch and dinner routine the two other servings of Greenzymes we should be getting. I recently started mixing some Greenzymes with ER’s baby food, too, as she may start weaning from nursing and may not get her “dose” of it. I am hoping Matt will start getting his serving as well.

How do you get your daily serving of veggies?


Jade GreenZymes®. (2017). Retrieved from on 2017, April 22.

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