Creativity. “What is that?” as my daughter, MJ, would ask. Well for this blog page creativity is anything that I find that I can DIY (or DIMwh, do it myself with help if needed) or anything that is homemade.

I’m not at all a DIYer or crafty. I love the convenience of just getting what I need already made. Making things by hand is hard for me because I want it to be perfect, but with my clumsy fingers and hands always rushing to get it done, it gets messed up. I always have to start over and I end up wasting time and money on new materials. So I figured I’d save on time (and money too depending on the cost) if I just get it already made.

However, now that we are down to just one family income I need to at least try making things myself to save money. And since I have the time (sort of) I can spend it making it perfect the first time.

On this blog I’m going to be posting about things I find on Pinterest that I would like to try or have tried and my results in the areas of home beautification (home improvement and landscaping/gardening), food and drink recipes, and any other thing I feel like tackling (for now making matching t-shirts for my girls and possibly crocheting… well that’s if I get started again). If there is something that you think I might like, please send it my way. TIA!

The feature photo is of my daughters’ Easter outfits. The picture on the top’s image is from here. I typed the words for “Silly Rabbit, Easter is for JESUS” using Microsoft Word and ABC Kids font. (I’m not sure who was the original creator of the phrase “Silly Rabbit, Easter is for Jesus” and I’m sorry I’m not acknowledging that person.)

Here is my first iron on transfer project. My daughter’s, ER’s, Halloween costume I made. The picture on the top’s image is from here. I typed the words for “Little Sister” using Microsoft Word and Curlz MT font. I made the tutu using directions for a no sew (because I don’t sew) tutu from here. This was my first iron on transfer and tutu project and I think it turned out alright. Well for the most part. I chose the “wrong” tulle. It was way too glittery. There was glitter everywhere when I was making it and glitter all over my one month old when she wore it for Halloween. It was a nightmare trying to get all the glitter cleaned off of her, the couches, and the carpet 😫. (Maybe that’s why I haven’t made another tutu yet.) Anyway, I think I did a great 👍🏻 job for my first homemade costume.

ER’s DIY Anna costume for Halloween.

What was your first homemade costume you made or someone made for you?

***Schedule for posts***

I apologize but for now I’m going to be on a three week rotation for my posts until I can get more efficient with my writing and some sort of schedule. My goal is to post a piece in each of my interest areas once a week which that means I’ll be writing three pieces a week. (Yikes it takes me a week to write one piece 😳)

this week: education, health, and creativity posts (already posted)

next week (4/24): education post (working on it)

5/1: health post (haven’t started yet)

5/8: creativity post

5/15: education post


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