Everyday Wellness Challenge Spring 2017

Disclaimer: I am an independent consultant for the company Nikken. This is for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. The author is not liable for any losses or damages related to any actions or failure to act related to this article. As always, consult with a doctor before starting a new diet plan.

Just in time! We are spring cleaning our homes, why not do some spring cleaning for your body and set yourself up to live a lifestyle of “Everyday Wellness”?

This is not your ordinary diet plan or supplement. It’s “Organic Food for Everyday Health.” Click on the link to learn about how this organic food supplement could help you live a lifestyle of wellness. Visit this site Everyday Wellness Challenge to learn more about the challenge that is running from April – June 2017. Just a note, you can start at anytime during the challenge period. (Yes, you can even start on the last day.) BUT, you must purchase 3 of the 30 day packs or a 90 day pack in order to be eligible to win one of the prizes. But really, if you don’t win one of the monetary prizes, you still WIN BIG! How? You are on your way to living “Everyday [in] Wellness.”

I know it’s odd that I would choose this to be my first health post, because this challenge is only applicable for a short period of time. But I chose this because you can still get and use these products to help you live a lifestyle of “Everyday Wellness” at anytime. It’s not just available during the challenge.

I am not doing this challenge this time (because we need to be wise with our finances right now), but I’m hoping to add the Kenzen Vital Balance shake to our menu. They just added moringa or marunggay which I’ve heard can help with milk production in nursing mommies. And I’m a nursing mommy!

I challenge you to live a life of “Everyday Wellness.” Do you accept the challenge?

***Schedule for posts***

I apologize but for now I’m going to be on a three week rotation for my posts until I can get more efficient with my writing and some sort of schedule. My goal is to post a piece in each of my interest areas once a week which that means I’ll be writing three pieces a week. (Yikes it takes me a week to write one piece 😳)

this week: education, health, and creativity posts (already posted)

next week (4/24): education post (working on it)

5/1: health post (haven’t started yet)

5/8: creativity post

5/15: education post


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